Friday Pack Activities

Boarding Pack

Cooper, Oliver, Clover, and Monarch enjoyed a very pleasant walk to Wonderland Lake together, this morning. Cooper whined with excitement when we passed one young dog, while the rest of the pack moseyed on by calmly. Oliver's adventurous spirit of yesterday had already passed, and he stuck to the trail religiously while Cooper, Monarch, and Clover sniffed around in the grass at various points along the way.

Adventure Pack

Rucksack, Roger Roger, Spuntik, Mamacita, and Isaac were all putting their noses to work today at the CU South Campus trails. There was a lot of mud everywhere, apparently doing a good job of emanating scents of interest. We made very frequent stops along the way, and everyone partook in the sniffing with equal zeal.

Variety Pack

Avo, Ruffers, and Zoey played with each other a lot at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Meanwhile, Benny and Yoda wandered around, sniffing. Yoda's attention was mostly on the ground, while Benny's attention was mostly on all the dogs and humans to meet. There was one, big, 9-month-old black Lab whom drew the attentions of both Benny and Yoda, and they both followed the pup around for a bit and made playful moves with him. Zoey and Ruffers were also very interested in the Lab, and danced around him playfully for a while. Avo sought out treasured finds in the forms of old tennis balls and old frisbees, and she flaunted them with great pride. After having his fill with the black Lab pup, Benny found a friend in a dog who looked like either a svelt, chocolate Lab or possibly a German Shorthaired Pointer mix with a solid coat. The two of them enjoyed bowing, dodging, and chasing each other around in short spurts. Meanwhile, Zoey and Ruffers were wrestling their hearts out and were joined by a rambunctious young pup who enjoyed chewing on Ruffers' leg while she was down.