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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Roger Roger were the ones chomping on the snow this morning, when we passed over one of the few remaining snowbanks along the trails at the Chautauqua. Sputnik had some fun running around off leash again today. He had the same over-the-top intensity as yesterday. I kept Rucksack and Roger Roger on leash with me so it was easier to address Sputnik since he had to approach me in order to get to his packmates. Rucksack and Roger Roger did a pretty good job of turning a cold shoulder when Sputnik charged toward them, and before long Sputnik got the idea and settled down. After he got over that initial, frantic energy, he trotted along much more pleasantly and enjoyed exploring off the trail a bit.

Variety Pack

Cooper, Zoe, Avo, and Zoey were excited to get out onto the trails at CU South Campus this afternoon. There was a lot of sniffing to do at the trail head. As we went, the pack did less and less sniffing, and gradually fell into a pretty consistent rhythm. Avo took the longest to settle into pace, but by the end of the hike she eventually started walking by my side without pulling the leash, shortly after Cooper stopped pulling and dropped back into place behind me. A curious, tan Australian Cattle Dog came by to sniff hello at one point. Avo turned to greet her briefly, but the rest of the pack kept on the move.

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