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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There are very few patches of snow remaining by the trails at the Chautauqua, but Rucksack sought out every one he could find. Ruffers chased him to them and the two of them had fun dodging and dancing with each other. Rucksack flopped down in one snowy patch and wiggled around. Sputnik and Mamacita stayed on leash with me. Sputnik looked on with excitement at his packmates playing, while Mamacita was pretty mellow and content.

Variety Pack

Rey, Roger Roger, Zoey, and Griff played chase all around the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Griff was typically the one at the head of the pack, playing rabbit, while his packmates raced after him. Rey did the best job keeping up, despite having Roger Roger intent on trying to distract her. Meanwhile, Benny and Oliver took their time sniffing along the edges of the trail as they brought up the rear. We made an extra stop at Boulder Creek after the hike so the four wild ones could rinse off in the running water in order to wash away some of the smelly ditch water they had all splashed around in.