Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails have been much busier this week than last. A couple different hikers stopped to say hello to the pack and give everyone pets. Colby must have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the people, because she started eyeing them warily as they passed her along the trail. She and Griff enjoyed some four-legged rock climbing on the Third Flatiron Loop. Racer and Sputnik mostly did a good job sticking close with me as we negotiated the rocky terrain; However, Racer did pull ahead at one point when Colby and Griff were standing on the boulder in front of me, so I had to dance around them in order to reel Racer back in without losing my balance.

Variety Pack

Someone dropped off a fresh batch of tennis balls at the park today. Isaac picked out his favorite one - which happened to be the very first one came upon - and the fetching commenced. Avo and Zoey joined in for some fetch as well, though they both like holding on to their balls for a while before giving them up to be thrown. Rey quickly made friends with the first group of dogs she encountered, and wrestled around with them for a bit. Milo wandered around the park and then circled back to join in a chase with the rest of his packmates, led by Avo. Rey, Milo, and Isaac had fun on another big chase a little while later, while Zoey and Avo were chasing, chewing, and batting around their tennis balls.