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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby, Racer, and Sputnik were feeling the heat, and were all eager to have a drink each time we took a water break during today's hike. Racer was the thirstiest, and watched her packmates impatiently while they took their turns drinking. Griff was too busy roaming the mountainside, and didn't bother to come take any water during any of our stops. The trails were pretty busy with both dogs and humans today. Colby, Griff, and Racer sniffed friendly hellos. Sputnik grumbled a little bit at one dog who came right up among the pack, but he didn't get too worked up.

Variety Pack

Avo led a big run with her packmates Rey, Zoey, and Milo at the park this afternoon. While they raced, Benny followed me around the park, sniffing here and there, and greeting dogs and humans alike. Avo and Zoey both fetched some tennis balls. Milo and Rey chased a few of them down as well, but their interest was passing. About halfway through our visit, the pack started gravitating towards shady spots, but they always ventured out from the shade after brief respites. Benny found a friend toward the end of our visit, and the pair of them hopped around with each other for a while. Meanwhile, Rey was busy wrestling around with a friend of her own. Zoey and Avo were following me pretty closely at that point, while Milo was wandering around on his own.

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