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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Despite the lingering cold weather and falling snow this morning, the Chautauqua was much busier than yesterday. We came across many hikers who admired how sweet and well-behaved the pack all were. Sputnik was especially happy to have the attention of people we passed. He stared at them with hopeful eyes as he pulled close, wishing for them to reach down and give him a pat as he walked by. His efforts earned him a lot of affectionate, "aww!" responses, but, sadly for him, no hands-on attention. Roger Roger munched on a lot of snow along the side of the trail today. Mamacita and Sputnik got into a playful mood as we walked across the park at the end of the hike, and they hopped around in the snow together for a bit. Rucksack just hiked along pleasantly at my side today.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Zoey, Oliver, and Benny enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. The snow had stopped falling and was almost totally absent on the ground in that area of town. Ruffers chased a squirrel up a tree first thing when she hopped out of the car at Martin Park. Seeing as she has done this before, I need to be more vigilant when opening the door to the packmobile there. Once the squirrel was treed, she came back to the rest of us without further incident. Oliver had extra pep in his step as he bounded across the grassy park, rather than poking his way through with tentative reserve. We came across a friendly Lab mix named Rex at one of the parks we passed, and I let the dogs run around off leash for a brief while. Benny was thrilled to have a new friend, and he leapt around with playful glee. Meanwhile, Ruffers chased Zoey around for a bit, herding her back to the group with purposeful body-blocks and barks. Oliver just hung out at my side until we leashed back up and moved along.

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