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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack, Roger Roger, Sputnik, and Mamacita all got lots of comments from the many hikers out today, on what a cute pack they made. We passed a lot of dogs and Sputnik only grumbled a little bit at a pair of Huskies who were tethered to a fence post and were leaping and panting, trying to get over to greet us. Mamacita enjoyed a wiggly in the grass on our way up the mountain. When we returned to the packmobile, next to the park, there were some kids running around and squealing at the far end of the park. The high-pitched sounds made Mamacita uncomfortable, and she wanted to hurry back to the haven of the packmobile as quickly as possible.

Variety Pack

Oliver, Benny, Zoey, Rey, and Sputnik all enjoyed a leisurely jaunt around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Rey started off the walk with some rambunctious energy, but settled into pace with her packmates pretty quickly. We stopped here and there for the pack to sniff around in the grass beside the trail. It was a very nice afternoon, with a fair amount of panting as the dogs are getting used to the warming weather.

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