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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Ruffers explored off the trail as we made our way up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. Something down in the gully attracted their attentions, and Ruffers went down to investigate. She looked a little too interested, so I called for her to come back to the pack on the trail, but she ignored me. Rucksack was also very curious, but he stayed close when I told him to. Ruffers spent a long while down there before finally deciding to rejoin the rest of us, and she spent the rest of the hike on leash after that. Through all that, Sputnik and Mamacita didn't seem to pick up on whatever their packmates found so interesting.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger, Rey, and Zoey enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake on a beautiful afternoon. On our way there, we passed by a dog barking behind a fence, and Rey responded with some surprisingly nasty-sounding snarls and barks. I immediately had her sit in place and settle down, and repeated that when she responded the same way once more, a few paces further along. Roger Roger and Zoey paid no mind to the barking dog or their puppy packmate, which made it easy to address Rey and then guide her along to practice a more pleasant, less reactive demeanor. After that, the rest of the walk was very calm and pleasant.

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