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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

At the outset of our hike, everyone was in agreement that some serious sniffing needed to be done. After the initial round, Colby and Sputnik both went back to the brush for more along the short stretch before our ascent. We saw a lot of dogs on the trails today, and Sputnik was calm and pleasant with each passing. Colby jumped away when one young woman reached down to try to pet her, and then Sputnik hurried over to accept the attention in her place. We perched on some boulders beside the trail at one point. Racer stared intently out into the distance and started to pull at the leash and whimper, though neither I nor her packmates were able to detect whatever had caught her interest. Griff hiked right along at my side throughout, not really distracted by anything we encountered.

Variety Pack

Avo played rabbit for a couple big chases, with Zoey, Rey, and Milo all chasing after her. Each time when Avo started to tire out and ended her run, the chasers were a bit overexcited about finally catching up to her. I stepped in to settle them down. Isaac, who spent most of his time chasing tennis balls or soaking in the kiddie pool, did his best to help keep order by running over and checking whoever was being the pushiest. Meanwhile, little Zoe found two separate pups to play with. The first was a young Pit Bull with coloring similar to Avo's - mostly black with some white, freckly streaks and patches - and the second looked like a Wheaten Terrier. Isaac offered the same assistance to little Zoe by running over and checking her playmates whenever they got a little too rough and caused Zoe to let out a startled squeak. Zoe appreciated the backup, but was always quick to hop back into wrestling again. When they weren't playing chase with each other, Zoe and Avo chased down some tennis balls. Milo and Rey sought shade for a little while in between play sessions, as they are acclimating to the warming weather.

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