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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was no need for the dogs to stop at the creek today, as they were already plenty damp from the misty rain that sprinkled on us throughout our hike at the Chautauqua. Roger Roger was sporting a fresh trim, which made the muddy water easier to wipe away, compared to Rucksack. Sputnik still wanted to veer off into the tall grass to pee repeatedly, which caused him to get well soaked pretty quickly. Mamacita was more excited to be out than I expected her to be, given her past distaste for cold and wet weather.

Variety Pack

Griff, Zoey, Rey, Monarch, and Clover all enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. At one point, a couple ducks took to the air from the creek just ahead of us, and the whole pack jumped to attention. Rey was the most ruffled of the crew, and tried to leap ahead to chase after them. When the ducks landed a short way down the creek, Rey kept her eyes on them as long as she could before our path put a wall in the way. The pack shuffled their positions around a lot during this walk. I think everybody ended up walking next to everybody else at one point or another.

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