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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Momentarily after parking by the Chautauqua, a bear cub ran by along the sidewalk. Sputnik and Mamacita raised the alert with some intense barking. Some moments later, the bear ran back the other way along the sidewalk. So...

The pack enjoyed a nice walk at CU South Campus this morning. Sputnik and Rucksack ran around through a grassy field together. Sputnik did a lot more of the running, while Rucksack mostly stood in place and watched him, and only chased after Sputnik for short bursts when Sputnik passed by close to him. Isaac and Mamacita both got worked up watching their packmates romp.

Variety Pack

Avo and Rey lay in the bak of the packmobile with their paws crossed over each others as we headed out for our trip to the Valmont Dog Park. Our park visit began with Zoey, Rey, and Roger Roger racing each other while Avo hopped into the kiddie pool to splash around. We headed to the north end of the park, where all of the pack members took turns chasing each other around along with a few other friends. After that, everyone was in the mood for fetch. We made our way toward the south end of the park while Zoey, Roger Roger, Avo, and Rey all raced each other to get to the tennis balls first. After a short while, Rey headed off to wrestle around with some other Pit Bulls. Zoey and Avo were satisfied with fetch and just held onto their tennis balls. Roger Roger kept up with fetching. Rey rejoined the rest of us and wrestled around with Avo for a while. Zoey, Avo, and Roger Roger each stole another dog's fresh Chuckit! ball and then returned it, in turn.

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