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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed to CU South Campus again this morning, to avoid more bear encounters after the cub we saw yesterday. Instead of bear cubs, we saw cows in the fields beside the trail at CU South Campus. Racer was especially fascinated by them, and stared at them the whole time we walked by. We stopped for a couple water breaks along the way. Avo has mostly come to the park, where the dogs can drink out of bowls. She hasn't been on many hikes with the pack, especially in warm weather, so she was a bit unsure of the CamelBak spout. She watched with interest while both Racer and Sputnik lapped up the water. When I first offered it to her, she pulled back. Then, she watched intently as Racer got some more. After that, I moved the spout back over to Avo and she sniffed at it curiously then began to lick at it. I squeezed the spout to let out some water, and she started drinking. Griff then took some water after Avo, with less hesitation than usual.

Variety Pack

Blu, Cooper, Isaac, and Zoey walked to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We took a very leisurely pace, as Blu is not built for long, taxing walks, and Cooper is continuing to recover from his second MCL surgery. We stopped under the shade of a tree in Wonderland Park, and the pack chilled out for a bit. Isaac took advantage of the opportunity to wiggle around in the grass, while his packmates looked on at his antics.

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