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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed up the Gregory Canyon Trail this morning. Sputnik, Roger Roger, Rucksack, and Mamacita were all excited to hop into the creek when we reached it. We spent a little while there, as all the dogs were enjoying getting their paws wet. Mamacita was the last to climb out, allowing us to hit the trail again.

Variety Pack

We were right under the tail end of storm clouds when we headed out for our walk this afternoon. Isaac was a bit nervous about the thunder that sounded in the distance, and little Zoe didn't look too thrilled about the light shower that the overhead clouds doled out. They sprinkled on us for the first half of our walk. Zoey and Griff didn't seem to mind the rain, and trotted along happily. The showers petered out later on, as blue skies were gradually revealed above. Isaac and Zoe's spirits improved with the weather.

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