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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was all about wiggling today. She dove into the grass with purposeful abandon, and wiggled to her heart's content, twice on our way along the Baseline Trail. Rucksack and Roger Roger enjoyed weaving in and out of pockets in the thick brush beside the trail, as we made our way up the mountain. Sputnik made frequent stops to mark the way.

Variety Pack

Rey was happy to be out with her packmates after taking a break last week to recover from an injury she sustained while running through some hedges, which required stitches. She hopped into the packmobile with her front paws and hung out while everyone sniffed hello, then she climbed all the way in. The family of geese were at the Kid's Fishing Pond along Boulder Creek again today. I brought the pack through the grass on the far side of the path, and all was peaceful between dogs and geese. However, on the return leg, Rey became very interested in the geese and pulled at her leash until we were well past them. Sputnik was very happy to have a pack outing with his favorite lady, Zoey. The two of them give each other lots of kisses whenever they cross paths at our place. Zoey was less affectionate while we were out and about, however, and rebuffed Sputnik when he got a bit pushy. Griff, Zoey, and Sputnik all enjoyed wading out into Boulder Creek when we stopped by the water's edge. I kept Rey to a shallow spot so as not to interfere with the healing of her wound. She was content to just get her paws wet, and didn't try to pull out and farther.

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