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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff enjoyed exploring around the trails as he wandered off-leash this morning. Sputnik joined him for a brief stretch when there were no other dogs around. They didn't wander that far from the trail and were pretty mellow. Meanwhile, Racer and Mamacita stuck on-leash at my side. Racer pulled a bit to sniff along the side of the trail. Mamacita took her time navigating over the larger boulders that made up parts of the trail.

Variety Pack

Zoe, Avo, Isaac, and Zoey had a nice walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We stopped in the shade of a tree at one point to chill out. Avo and Isaac both lay down in the grass, while Zoey and Zoe only sat briefly and then started sniffing around. After a short break, I called the dogs' attentions. Zoe, Zoey, and Isaac all promptly hopped to. Avo was not finished relaxing, however, and was dead weight when I tried to encourage her to join me and her packmates. After we stood around for another minute, Avo finally decided to grace us with her cooperation, and she stood up on her own. But she made sure to express her dissatisfaction with this course of action by attempting to gnaw at her leash a couple times.