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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

As we walked the Boulder Creek Path this morning, Sputnik ventured into the tall grass beside the trail to sniff around for a spot to pee. Mamacita happily followed behind him; however, she didn't need to pee. She just wanted to wade through the grass for the fun of it. After Sputnik did his thing, Mamacita continued to walk through the tall grass for a good stretch. Meanwhile, Rucksack and Roger Roger kept the the path, only sniffing at the edge of the grass beside us.

Variety Pack

We encountered a few friendly dogs at CU South as the pack went around the big loop this afternoon. Rey was especially excited to stop and greet them. Zoey sniffed in passing. Isaac and Milo kept to themselves. They were more excited to get into the water at the pond. The sun was out, so it was feeling a lot hotter than it had been in the morning.

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