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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita hesitated slightly when we turned toward the mountain ascent along the Anemone Trail this morning, but it only took a moment of coaxing to convince her to continue up. Rucksack and Roger Roger were already on their way, up ahead of me, Mamacita, and Sputnik. We came by a couple dogs along the way, and Sputnik stayed calm and polite. About a third of the way up, we took a short break at a small clearing off to the side of the trail, following Rucksack and Roger Roger's lead. Everyone was happy to take as much water as they could. When we turned back to the trail, I was surprised when Mamacita made a move to continue up the mountain, rather than heading back down. We continued up to the T about two thirds of the way up the mountain. We took another short break at a pretty vantage point that looked over the Red Rocks, before turning around and making our way back down the mountain.

Variety Pack

Everyone was excited to go to the dog park today, but Zoey and Racer were especially brimming with anticipation as we entered the first gate. I had them both sit and wait for a minute, as they expressed their impatience with a series of loud barks directed straight at me. Once they settled a bit, we all entered the park. Racer ran and ran. Isaac went straight for the nearest tennis ball. Zoey and Rey frolicked into the park with a more care-free attitude. The whole pack made good use of the kiddie pool. Racer enjoyed chomping at the water as it poured out of the spigot to fill up the pool, and her whole head was soaking wet afterwards. An Australian Shepherd ran around with the pack a bit. Zoey made a couple human friends and got them to play fetch with her for a little while. Rey was sure to greet each new dog that showed up. Racer ran with Isaac while Isaac played fetch. I threw some balls to her as well, but she almost never brought hers back. It was a lively afternoon at the park!

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