Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Everyone hopped into the creek during our first stop, but the water was relatively shallow there. When we made another stop on the return leg, Rucksack and Isaac went out to water that was deep enough to swim in. Meanwhile, Sputnik just dunked his face in, and Mamacita stayed ashore. One walker asked to say hello to the pack. He threw his arms out wide, and Sputnik and Mamacita both walked right up for some pets. Rucksack went up after them and got a little attention, too. Isaac hung back, behind me, while his packmates got their fill.

Variety Pack

Milo, Zoey, Rey, Racer, and Roger Roger walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Everyone drank some ice water from the CamelBak. When I first squirted Milo, he shook his head and then flopped down into the grass to rub his face. But after watching his packmates drink for a minute, he gave it a second try and enjoyed some nice, cool water. Rey nosed in for more in between each of her packmates' turns. Aside from a few water breaks in the shade, we just walked along at a steady pace without any interruptions. The path was sparsely traveled today, so we didn't see any other dogs or any people who wanted to say hello to the pack - just a few bikers passed us by.