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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Curie enjoyed her second outing with the pack today. Since it was a bit cooler and cloudy, we headed up the Anemone Trail from Settler's Park. Griff roamed off leash, while Sputnik and Curie stayed with me. We only went partway up the mountain before heading back down and over to the stream on the way to the Red Rocks Trail. Sputnik started licking Curie's ears on the way down. He has been very enamored with our new addition. When we made it to the Red Rocks, Curie seemed in awe of the view over the city. She stood there for a while, just looking at the movement of cars and people far off in the distance. We then headed back down - with another stop in the stream on the south side of the mountain - and finished up with a short walk through Eben G. Fine Park. Sputnik was thrilled to get some love from a few people who beckoned the dogs over as we passed the park bench where they were sitting. Curie got a pat on the head, and Griff hung back, but Sputnik went right into them and wallowed in the attention, causing them to laugh with amusement at his forwardness.

Variety Pack

We continued to enjoy a relatively cool, cloudy day as Zoey, Isaac, Monarch, Clover, Avo, and Milo headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Jen was home and joined us as we all set out for the loop around the lake. We made a lot of detours to sniff in the grass along the way. At one point, Avo flopped down on her side and acted like she was done, but she hopped back to her feet after just a moment and then bounded forward. Lying in the grass was a commonly-enjoyed pasttime today, in which all of the back - beside Zoey - indulged at various points, individually and altogether.

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