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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac led the charge into the stream on our way up the Anemone Trail this morning. Rucksack, Roger Roger, and Sputnik all happily followed suit. For the first time in memory, somebody accurately guessed that Sputnik is a Rottweiler mix. The same couple that guessed Sputnik's heritage were also amused by Isaac's wallowing in the water. Although Isaac was the first in, Rucksack and Roger Roger were the last ones out. We headed partway up the Anemone Trail, but Rucksack seemed a little stiff today so we came back down through the Red Rocks and then finished up by walking along the Creek for a bit.

Variety Pack

Griff, Rey, and Zoey were all on the same page about when and where to stop and sniff around, as we walked the trail around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. They generally chose spots in the shade, and they all investigated the scents together.