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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

With the warm, humid weather and cloud cover, it seemed like another good day to walk Boulder Creek Path. Curie, Sputnik, Racer, and Griff all were very interested in making frequent pit-stops to sniff around at the side of the path, so we took a pretty leisurely pace for most of the way. Sputnik seems to be fully over his former romantic intentions with Curie, and they have been getting along fine. Whenever we were walking close to the creek, Racer was interested in the ducks that were swimming. A very nice woman offered to take a photo of me with the pack when she saw me snapping a photo of the dogs beside the path. A friend of hers also took a photo and it turns out the dogs did a better job than me when it came to looking at the right camera.

Variety Pack

Avo and Isaac both took several opportunities to flop and wiggle in the grass during our walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. When Avo was being silly, Rey came over to get in on the fun. Rey didn't flop down in the grass, but instead preferred to bow and leap around her friend. Zoey and Milo kept out of the goofy shenanigans. The sun started to peek out this afternoon, so when we came across shaded patches along the path, they were both very interested in stopping and enjoying the cool respite.

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