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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita rolled in the grass no less than four times this morning. Sputnik joined her on two of those occasions. Sputnik's method was more of a flopping-from-side-to-side technique, whereas Mamacita's involves more wiggling and writhing around on her back. I saw a snake hanging out on a rock in the middle of Bear Creek at one point. Rucksack and Roger Roger also seemed to take notice when I stopped to look for a minute. When the snake recognized that it had been spotted and was being watched, it quickly slithered into the water and swam away.

Variety Pack

Rey was back out with the pack today, after taking a break last week due to a bout of Giardia. She seemed to be feeling better, and she perked up more than usual at the sight of other dogs along the Boulder Creek Path. We made one stop at the creek, where Zoey waded around, Isaac dunked himself repeatedly, and Rey hung around the edge of the water.

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