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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Mamacita trotted right along in place at my side as we walked the Bear Creek Path this morning. Avo and Sputnik were more distracted, and wanted to pull ahead or off to the side a lot along the way. The two of them also got a bit worked up about the other dogs we saw along the way. I brought them off the path a couple times to make some distance, so they wouldn't get too crazy as the other dogs passed by.

Variety Pack

Avo, Zoey, Rey, and Griff had a blast at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon! There was a lot of running around by all parties. Avo found a giant disc to carry around and chew on. Griff and Rey sprinted around the south end of the park together with a couple other dogs. Zoey chased down more tennis balls than usual, because she was more keen on dropping them so I could throw them for her. Avo and Rey wrestled their hearts out with each other. At the tail end of our park visit, another Pit Bull showed up and played with Rey, while Griff hopped into the mix here and there.

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