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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rather than crickets and grasshoppers, we saw a lot of spiders crossing the Bear Creek Path this morning. By "a lot," I don't mean anything like the swarms of the former that we've seen lately, but I noticed about half a dozen over the course of our walk. The pack didn't seem to notice them skitter by. Sputnik and Mamacita stopped to sniff around in the grass numerous times in the first 30 minutes. Roger Roger and Zoey joined them a couple of those times, but usually just waited on the path until their packmates were ready to start walking again.

Variety Pack

The crickets and grasshoppers may have dispersed along Bear Creek, but there were still plenty at CU South, where Dylan, Poppy, and Zoey headed for a light hike around the big loop. Poppy got very excited about each dog we passed along the way, and was happy whenever one of them came over to sniff hello. At that point, Zoey and Dylan joined in the greetings as well. Poppy wasn't only excited to see other dogs; she also was excited just to walk, and she showed her enthusiasm by pulling ahead frequently - something we will be working on as she continues to come out with the pack. I offered everyone some water from the CamelBak, but no one was interested in drinking. Dylan made no attempts to sneak into the front seats of the packmobile today, before or after our outing.

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