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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Isaac, and Roger Roger enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path together this morning. There were lots of bicyclists, some skateboarders, and a roller-blader along the way, but only one other dog. The boys all stayed chill as the various others passed us by. Sputnik made some stops to sniff and mark, but it was one of his lighter days in that regard. Isaac wiggled around in the grass for a minute when we stopped to take a photo. The photo I'm posting shows the moment he started to shift into wiggle-mode from his prone position next to Roger Roger.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Isaac and Riley all enjoyed chasing after Rey when she played rabbit at the park this afternoon. Riley and Isaac got into a rhythm of alternate fetching for a little while. Zoey fetched some as well, but she also spent some of her time complaining that I wasn't throwing the ball for her even though she wouldn't drop it and leave it for me to pick up. Rey's Pit Bull friend Blue was at the park again this afternoon, and the two of them had so much fun wrestling with each other. Riley and Isaac both hovered around them from time to time. Isaac played referee and harassed whoever seemed to have the upper hand, while Riley focused all of her attention on Blue.