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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Yoda, Griff, and Sputnik traveled the Bear Creek Path this cloudy morning. We didn't have many dog encounters, save for one little dog who barked at us from an overpass above us. Racer and Griff both offered retorts. Yoda and - surprisingly - Sputnik did not engage in the exchange of words.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo were all over the place as we walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. They were on the lookout for squirrels, birds, rabbits - anything that moved. Meanwhile, Zoey, Isaac, and Milo were calm and collected, trotting along right in place. As the walk continued and it started to sprinkle on us, Rey seemed not to be pleased with the weather. Milo and Avo didn't seem to care either way. Zoey and Isaac - who have both been dealing with some allergies in the past week - had big smiles. I wonder whether the shift in weather alleviated their symptoms, and if their bright moods might have been a reflection of that.

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