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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Sputnik, and Yoda explored off-leash together at CU South this morning, while Mamacita and Isaac stuck with me. I brought Mamacita and Isaac over to spots that our scout team had identified and found to be worthy of in-depth investigation. Mamacita was vibrant today, and bounded over to Griff with playful leaps whenever we approached points of interest where he was still sniffing. Sputnik picked up on her demeanor, and tried charging up and dodging around with her a few times. I discouraged him from the behavior, since his approach seemed a bit too antagonistic and wouldn't translate well with other dogs hiking on the trails with their humans. Also, Mamacita isn't as spry as she used to be, even if she was in a livelier mood today.

Variety Pack

Rey and Poppy each wanted to get ahead of the other as we made our way around Wonderland Park this afternoon, so I spent much of the time checking them both by sweeping my gait out in front of them to reset their contest. Meanwhile, Cooper was intent on leaving plenty of scent marks along the way. Dylan took an interest in following up Cooper's marks with his own. He was very on top of it at the beginning and end of the walk, but slacked off in the middle and let Cooper's scent marks go unchallenged. Out Labradoodles - Zoey and Roger Roger - were content to enjoy the walk without sport, and just followed along at the back of the pack.

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