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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Yoda, Racer, and Griff enjoyed another calm, pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Path this morning. It was another beautiful day to be out, slightly warmer than yesterday. Aside from a squirrel who ran up a tree as we came near along the path, there wasn't much action today. Racer perked up briefly at the sight of that squirrel, but didn't get too riled up. The rest of the pack stayed calm at my sides, as they were throughout the walk.

Variety Pack

I forgot my phone in the car this afternoon, so I didn't get any photos of the pack at play. Isaac, Rey, Zoey, and Avo were all into fetch. Milo was more interested in going around and greeting other dogs. Rey split off from the ball-chasers to play with other dogs now and then as they came through; Zoey split off to get attention from humans; Avo split off to play with Milo and to chew on bark and twigs. At one point, Rey, Zoey, Milo, and Avo all spent some time sniffing around the old tree stumps at the south end of the park. Meanwhile, Isaac relentlessly pursued tennis balls. The only times Isaac split off from fetch were when he joined other dogs in chasing after Rey. While Rey was interested in playing with other dogs and had some fun with them, she was in a more timid mood than usual and kept pausing play to huddle next to a human, by a fence, or under a picnic table - a swing in the opposite direction from last time she was at the park with the pack, when she was overwhelming her playmates with her aggressive pursuit.

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