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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Curie, Sputnik, Racer, and Griff all sniffed a lot around the trail head at the Cragmoor Connector to Shanahan Ridge. Once we got going, there were few other spots where anyone particularly cared to investigate the scents. The icy snow pack was beginning to take on more of a slushy consistency, which made it easier to find footing. Of course, that blessing was paired with an increase in the amount of muddy terrain. Griff brushed up against a plant that left him with tons of burrs on his back, left side. His packmates appeared to have dodged that plant, as I didn't notice them suffering from the same condition. Thankfully, they didn't bury themselves too deep in his fur before I got to them, so they were relatively easy to remove.

Variety Pack

Riley, Rey, and Avo were all pretty rambunctious at the outset of our walk at Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We moved far off the path when other dogs approached along the way, and took a couple long breaks to settle down. Avo dropped into play-bows a couple times. Rey and Riley each responded to Avo with wiggles and playful hops, but I kept them from getting too rowdy. During one break, Mamacita took the opportunity to wiggle around in the tall grass. Avo watched her and did another play-bow in front of her, but Mamacita was only interested in the grass. Later on, Mamacita got worked up about one of the dogs who passed by and she woofed along with Avo. Zoey and Isaac, on the other hand, provided their younger packmates with an admirable example of how to walk as a nice, calm, and orderly pack.

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