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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a gorgeous day for a hike. At one of our stops along the trail at Shanahan Ridge, Sputnik started munching on the snow patches in the area. Mamacita thought that looked like a great idea, and started doing the same. While Mamacita continued to chow down on snow, Curie started making playful moves with Sputnik. Roger Roger watched Curie hop around, but kept out of it while Sputnik puffed his chest and acted big and tough in contrast to Curie's goofy antics.

Variety Pack

The weather continued to be wonderful through the afternoon, as the pack walked the Bear Creek Path. Poppy has been taking notes from Dylan, and now she is jumping over metal grates just like he does. There is one in particular that spans the path at the Baseline underpass, which she and Dylan vaulted earlier this week as well. At one point, Zoey, Rey, and Poppy all perked up at the sound of a dog barking in the distance from a nearby yard, and they looked around to try to home in on the source. Ruffers and Dylan weren't so interested. Rey and Poppy both got pretty excited about the dogs we saw along the way even though I brought the pack to the side of the path to create some separation, but they did a reasonably good job of containing themselves. Sensing the excitement of his packmates, Dylan got worked up and barked at one dog as they passed by. Altogether, though, it was a pretty calm afternoon walk.

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