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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack did less sniffing by the trail head this morning. I suspect that as the ground has dried, the scents have faded and become less interesting. Racer found a stick and chewed on it while we took a short break beside the trail. Griff, Curie, and Sputnik all just hung out and looked into the distance, noticing sounds from far-off sources.

Variety Pack

Isaac found himself a stick to chew on this afternoon, just as Racer had in the morning. Riley watched him with interest while he worked on it. Avo play-bowed and rolled around in the grass, and then Riley came over to see what she was up to. When we were walking, Cooper made stops to sniff and mark along the way. Riley was quick to rush over and check out whatever smells Cooper had found. Zoey and Avo were also interested to check out the scents. Riley was very interested in everything her packmates did today. Zoey was the only pack member who didn't provide entertainment for Riley, as Zoey trotted along in place at my side and didn't do anything goofy when we stopped in the park. She only pulled over a few times to join in sniffing at points of interest that Cooper found.

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