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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Mamacita cheered on Ruffers and Roger Roger while they chased, dodged, and tackled each other in a snowy field beside the trail. Later on, the pack all minded their manners while we passed another group of hiking dogs. The trail at the Cragmoor Connector to Shanahan Ridge was a bit slick along patches of the incline, and will be even more so after today's snowfall gets packed down.

Variety Pack

Riley and Rey were very playful in the falling snow this afternoon. Anytime we paused beside the trail for someone to sniff and/or pee, the pair of them started leaping and dodging around each other. Zoey, Griff, and Isaac took the snow in stride. By the end of the walk, everyone was pretty well soaked with melted snow, and they each got toweled off in turn.

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