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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Roger Roger, Sputnik, and Poppy headed to Shanahan Ridge for their hike this morning. We didn't come across any other dogs today. Ruffers and Roger Roger entertained each other with chases, wrestling matches, and some keep-away over a branch that Roger Roger found. Poppy hopped around while watching her packmates run and dodge around. Sputnik was occupied with sniffing, peeing, and munching on snow. The rest of the pack nibbled at a little snow here and there, but Sputnik couldn't get enough of the stuff.

Variety Pack

Rey and Riley were excited and scattered at the beginning of our walk this afternoon. After sniffing around a bit and finding the right spots to relieve herself, Riley settled into a steady pace alongside her packmates. Milo, Zoey, and Isaac stayed on track when we were walking, but were eager to sniff around whenever we made a stop. It took Rey a little longer to get on the same page as her packmates and start walking with the group rather than pulling off to the grassy strip beside the path, where she hoped to stir up some play. Rey and Riley both enjoyed chomping on some little chunks of ice from the fields through which we walked.

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