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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Roger Roger wiggled in the snow at the same spot Dylan did Wednesday. Mamacita and Sputnik ate a little bit of snow today, but not much. During the first half of our hike, Dylan and Roger Roger lingered behind to sniff around. During the second half, they scouted ahead. I called them back every so often when they started to get too far ahead. Most times, they came right back; however, Dylan decided to make a stubborn stand at one point and stood in the trail for a good, long while. One hiker who passed by commented that Dylan had "no intention" of turning around. It took a lot of patience, but Dylan eventually came and rejoined us as we walked in the other direction along the trail. He was rewarded with lots of pets, and he stayed closer for the rest of the hike. A short while later, we came across Roger Roger's brother, Rucksack, who was on a gentler hike with his granddad. Roger Roger hurried over to greet his big bro, and Rucksack was happy to say hello to all his friends and show off the pine branch he was carrying.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Poppy, Zoey, and Milo enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Poppy and Milo were very excited to see each other again after spending a few nights together. We saw a few other dogs along the way, and Poppy started breathing heavily each time she saw one approaching. The others all stayed calm and relaxed. Even though Poppy was clearly excited, she kept it together much better than she had on some walks in the recent past. Zoey was the lead sniffer today - first to head off into the grass beside the path, with her nose to the ground. The others usually followed suit and sniffed around to find whatever scents Zoey picked up on.

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