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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Something tickled at Mamacita's olfactory senses on a slight delay, and she turned to back-track to the origin of the scent of interest. It was a tuft of grass just beside the trail, about ten feet back. Roger Roger, Sputnik, and Ruffers all circled around to assess Mamacita's find for themselves. There were a couple similar points along the way, where everyone congregated to sniff a spot simultaneously - each dog approaching the spot from their own quadrant.

Variety Pack

Rey and Racer perked up at the sound of some dogs barking at us from off in the distance as we walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Isaac, Zoey, and Griff were not concerned. Zoey wanted to make several stops along the way so she could sniff around in the snow to find just the right spot to pee. We came across a group of 20-30 young people as we passed by some CU housing, and Rey gave a wary woof as they passed by us. Isaac found a twig to chew on while we stopped for a photo. Rey was curious about his find, while the rest of the pack members were content to just hang out in the snowy field.

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