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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was first to roll around in the grass at the beginning of our pack outing at CU South this morning, but when Mamacita saw it was wiggle time, she was quick to follow suit. Sputnik and Ruffers looked on as their packmates indulged, and then we made a detour to the on-leash path that connects with the trail. Once we looped back to the trail, Dylan and Ruffers enjoyed roaming off leash and taking their time to sniff around. Sputnik was a bit more ornery towards dogs on the trail today, so I brought him and Mamacita off to the side while Dylan and Ruffers made friends. Dylan went down to the ditch and lay in the water for a moment before coming running back up to the trail. Near the end of our trip, Dylan and Ruffers got their paws wet at the edge of the pond beside the trail, but didn't venture very deep.

Variety Pack

Rey, Poppy, and Zoey had fun running with the other dogs at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Rey was less wild than yesterday, and didn't throw herself into any dogs. Roger Roger was fully focused on playing fetch. Zoey was torn between fetching beside Roger Roger and chasing after her packmates. It worked out well when Poppy and Rey chased Roger Roger and Zoey, while Roger Roger and Zoey were chasing down tennis balls. Poppy and Rey snagged a few balls for themselves, as well, but they were generally more interested in meeting new playmates and running around.