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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Griff were very concerned about a drone that was flying in the field beside the trail at CU South, and the group of people who were piloting it. They both perked up at the noise coming from the drone in flight. They then turned their attentions to the people, started grumbling, and let out a few woofs to make sure I was aware of the disturbance. Sputnik was less concerned, and just trotted by at my side. He got to spend some time off leash with Griff today when there weren't any other dogs around.

Variety Pack

Avo and Riley were in playful moods, and wrestled around with each other when we stopped at the house before our walk. Meanwhile, Zoey and Isaac took turns getting love from Jen, who was working from home. After that, we set out for a walk around Wonderland Lake. Avo and Riley got a bit worked up about a couple different dogs we passed along the way. They managed to maintain some composure with the first dog we saw, and just bristled and whined a bit as they went by on short leashes. They got more excited about the dog we saw later on, and Avo couldn't contain her impulse to bark.

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