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Monday Pack Acivities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Sputnik chomped on a lot of snow from one of the waning snowbanks at CU South this morning. Roger Roger came over to check it out for himself, and partook in a couple bites as well. He and Ruffers ran with each other along some open stretches of trail, but they didn't break out into any all-out sprints as they sometimes do together.

Variety Pack

There was a light dusting of snow and a chill in the air when Milo, Zoey, Riley, and Rey headed to Boulder Creek for their afternoon pack walk. Riley, Rey, and Milo were all pretty restless, and got very excited at other dogs walking in the distance. When a young Golden Retriever ran up to us from the trail head at Settler's park, Riley and Rey were overcome with excitement as I worked to contain them and get them to sit politely. After walking up and down a short distance along the creek, we headed up the Anemone trail and went a little way up the mountain before heading back down and looping through Eben G. Fine Park. Despite the excitement, Riley managed to keep her bandana on today.

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