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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was first to start chomping on the snow from the dwindling snow bank beside one stretch of the trail at CU South, this morning. When Ruffers, Sputnik, and Dylan saw Mamacita was enjoying herself, they all checked it out for themselves. I didn't see Dylan eat any of the snow, and Ruffers only a couple licks. Even Sputnik passed after a cursory nibble. Ruffers and Dylan happily greeted the other dogs we encountered along the way, and Sputnik mostly kept his cool again today. Dylan ran off over a hill at one point, with a keen sense of purpose, ignoring my calls while his packmates watched him intently and then continued to stare in his direction after he disappeared below the crest. He returned less than a minute later, and then Ruffers chased him up the trail.

Variety Pack

Poppy and Rey ran with each other a lot at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey, Milo, and Roger Roger all joined in with them here and there, but had other activities drawing their interests for much of the time. Roger Roger was mostly obsessed with chasing tennis balls. Milo found a few different friends to wrestle around with at different points during our park visit. Zoey was back and forth between chasing tennis balls and running with Poppy and Rey. Zoey and Rey also both enjoyed chewing apart some of the twigs that carpeted the south end of the park, beneath the big trees.

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