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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Zoey were happy to join Monday Adventure Pack regulars Sputnik and Roger Roger for our trip to CU South this morning. The whole pack got to be off leash together for a little while, until we came by some other dogs and Sputnik had to be on the leash with me again. Griff and Roger Roger both ran around a bit, while Zoey and Sputnik just moseyed and sniffed around.

Variety Pack

Ruby and Riley bristled a bit at meeting each other today, but were fine once they started walking together. We walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The pack pulled over to sniff around in the grass a few times, and everyone put their noses to work. It was a pretty mellow walk for most of the time, aside from a couple moments when Rey and Riley perked up at passing dogs. They didn't go too crazy, though, and altogether it was a nice outing.

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