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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack practiced coming back when called today, and were rewarded with treats when they did. We repeated the exercise several times in the area of the trail where Dylan has recently run off a couple times. There was no running off today, as he did not want to miss out on a snack. Sputnik and Ruby chased each other around for a bit while there were no other dogs nearby. Mamacita thought Ruby looked like a fun play partner, and she play-bowed to get her attention. Unfortunately, Mamacita can't be trusted off leash. This was reinforced when we passed by the horse ranch that borders one section of the trail, and Mamacita leapt around while staring intently at the horses who were running around there. A little later on, a woman commented on how sweetly Dylan approached her for pets. Ruby followed up behind him. Sputnik needed to be reminded to sit and mind his manners, as his first instinct was to try to dive onto the woman as soon as she gave him a little attention. Mamacita stood calmly by my side, not particularly interested in making a new friend.

Variety Pack

Poppy and Rey played hard at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey and Roger Roger each joined in their bouts of chasing and wrestling, but also spent much of their time playing fetch with me. There were a lot of playful dogs at the park, and the whole pack was happy to make friends with them. There were a couple energetic pups in particular, with whom Rey and Poppy had a lot of fun.