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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a pretty quiet morning at CU South with Griff, Sputnik, Racer, and Mamacita. The air was a bit chilly, so I mostly kept us on the move. When we did pause along the way, everybody would gather around to sniff the same spot together.

Variety Pack

Riley, Avo, and Zoey each had their own agenda at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Riley was mostly interested in finding other dogs to play with and then racing them around the park. Avo found a beat up tennis ball to chew on, and enjoyed rolling around in the grass a bunch of times. Zoey chased tennis balls and then played keep-away for awhile when she snagged another dog's blue, rubber ball. The three of them came together every now and then to chew some twigs, chase each other around, or greet other dogs who came by.

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