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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails at the Chautauqua were pretty empty today, so Sputnik got to run through the snow with Griff. The boys had a blast together. Racer wanted to join in the chases, but had to settle for hopping through the deep snow just off the trail, beside me. She dunked her head into the powder frequently, to chomp on snow as she went.

Variety Pack

Avo was very excited to see me, until I reached for her winter coat. At that moment, she immediately turned around, walked back to the living room, and sat with a sullen look on her face; however, for someone who was so reluctant to go out in the cold, she sure seemed to enjoy bounding in and out of the snow bank beside the Boulder Creek Path while Rey and Zoey stayed by my sides. Everyone spent a good, long while sniffing around one particularly thick tree trunk along the way. Avo and Rey jumped around together in the snow during one stop, while Zoey dunked her head into the snow, possibly hopes of uncovering tennis balls like she did at the park yesterday.

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