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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snow-covered Chautauqua was dead quiet when we set out from the trail head, so the pack was on alert when they saw a Husky and his human heading down Bluebell Road in our direction. The tension broke when Mamacita, Dylan, and Sputnik all started barking the alarm as I brought them over to the side of the trail. After that, it was quiet again for a while. The eerie quiet was interrupted a short while later by a yellow Lab who was whole-heartedly engaged in hauling a large stick down the mountain. The pack was far less unnerved by this approach, and let the Lab pass without so much as a woof. After that, Dylan and Roger Roger enjoyed racing each other up and down the trail, as they have come to do pretty consistently. Dylan took a break from his sprints to poke his face into the snow along with Mamacita, apparently detecting some buried treasure. We came across a couple snowshoers who were excited to say hello to the dogs. Roger Roger and Dylan got the first pets. Once Sputnik realized there were pets and attention to be had, he nosed in and sandwiched himself between the humans, for maximum exposure.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Milo enjoyed a pretty quiet walk along the Boulder Creek Path this snowy afternoon. There were few others out walking or jogging, and no wildlife to observe. With little else going on, I was keenly aware of the gradual accumulation of snow that blanketed the Doodles' fur. At the end of our walk, it took a while to pick all the snowballs off their legs, as it had with Roger Roger earlier in the day.