Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik hid in wait behind a tree, as Dylan approached along the snowy trail. Dylan looked around, oblivious to the trap that lie ahead. The moment Dylan stepped into sight from the far side of the tree trunk, Sputnik made his move. He leapt into action and raced by Dylan with a swift shoulder check that said, "Tag, you're it!" Dylan stood in shock. When Sputnik made another pass, Dylan pursued. When Sputnik dashed off through the snow too quickly for Dylan to follow, Dylan dropped into a play-bow in the deep snow, beckoning Sputnik to try and best him again. After a long moment of staring at a distance, Sputnik took the bait. The pair of them raced up the trail and then suddenly decided, in unison, to go sniff around some fallen logs instead. Mamacita and Roger Roger watched all of this play out from their spots beside me, munching on snow like popcorn at a movie theater.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Riley, and Rey were joined by Mamacita and Dylan for our pack walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Riley was curious about the occasional ducks we saw at the creek, and perked up to watch them. She and Zoey both hopped into the snow bank beside the path, a few times along the way. Rey walked with surprising poise this afternoon, keeping her place at my right side, a pace behind Riley. Dylan and Mamacita trotted in place the whole time, only meandering into the snow when the whole pack stopped to sniff around for a minute. Several different passers-by stopped to dole out pets to the pack, and to comment on how sweet everyone was.