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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Dylan bristled a bit when they first met in the packmobile before our hike this morning. Eventually, Griff lay down in the back and Dylan's hackles went down. Once we were on the trail, the tension dissipated completely. They wandered through the snow together while Sputnik followed behind me and Racer hopped through the deep snow beside the trail. Dylan kept diving into the snow and rolling around as it buried him. At one point on our way back down toward the Baseline Trail, a woman up ahead shouted nervously at the sight of Dylan and Griff running together. They stopped in place, and when I called to them, they both immediately came back so I could leash them up as we went by.

Variety Pack

Avo and Rey played hard in the snow at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey and Milo joined in to chase Avo some of the time as well. Avo gets everyone so worked up with her sprints that I often have to step in to calm everyone down once she stops. Her pursuers often keep jumping on her to try to get her riled up for another chase, not recognizing when she's done and is just trying to tell them to back off. Mamacita did not partake in any of the chases, but she did take interest in a couple other dogs we saw at the park. One was an Australian Shepherd who play-bowed for and followed around a bit. That dog ended up running around with Zoey for a while. Another was an Old English Sheepdog who later teamed up with another dog to wrestle with Rey. Milo flopped around in the snow for a while. Avo and Zoey both chased after some tennis balls and then dug around in the snow to find them. Rey and Avo were especially full of energy today, and there were plenty of other playful pups to keep them busy. It was a fun-packed birthday afternoon for Avo!

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