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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer couldn't get enough snow to eat, or hop through. Sputnik again sought out every patch of yellowed snow he could find. The two of them were struck with a playful mood at the same moment, at one point during the hike, and started hopping around with each other. Griff and Mamacita trotted along the trail without any forays into the snow today.

Variety Pack

Avo, Riley, and Zoey all perked up at the sight of some geese by Boulder Creek this afternoon. Zoey quickly accepted that she wasn't going to chase after them. Riley hopped up onto her hind legs a few times to watch them over the snow bank. Avo threw her body in the direction of the geese while barking at them, certain that this was the only appropriate reaction to the existence of the waterfowl. Her sudden lunge toward the geese cause them all to take wing and sail down closer to the water, away from the path. During this encounter, Mamacita hardly raised an eyebrow over the source of the youngsters' angst.

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