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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was back with the pack after a brief hiatus, and her packmates were as excited to see her as she was to see them. While she and Sputnik were off leash at the Chautauqua trails this morning, they stuck to the snow-packed path with me, Mamacita, and Roger Roger, opting not to venture off into the deeper stuff. It was a pretty quiet morning. The path was very icy and slick for some stretches. Roger Roger and Mamacita were very patient with me when I took my time maneuvering over some of the most treacherous terrain.

Variety Pack

Mamacita made some play moves with an Australian Shepherd at the dog park this afternoon. At the first pass, the Aussie quickly headed off to greet some other dogs. However, a few minutes later, he came back over to Mamacita and then the two of them ran around together. Meanwhile, Riley and Rey kept each other pretty busy for most of our park visit. They were occasionally joined by other dogs who wanted to help Riley in herding Rey while Rey bolted around the park and then tucked and slid along the snowy ground like a furry cannonball. Zoey was largely occupied with fetching tennis balls, which Riley joined her in when she wasn't playing with Rey. Near the end of our park visit, Rey and Zoey winded down by chewing on some sticks beneath one of the big trees at the southern end of the park, while Riley and Mamacita sniffed around.

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