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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers roamed the Chautauqua side-by-side this morning. Ruffers forewent her usual habit of lingering behind, so she could instead keep up with Dylan, who typically likes to scout ahead. Ruffers ran back to Sputnik and Mamacita every once in a while, and got everyone to play-bow and hop around with her. After that, she would dash off and Dylan would join her in a shoulder-to-shoulder race up the trail.

Variety Pack

There weren't many people out this snowy afternoon while Mamacita, Zoey, Rey, Roger Roger, and Poppy walked around Wonderland Lake. Rey and Poppy both perked up at the sight of the couple dogs we did encounter, but those dogs were well up ahead of us and headed a different way. Zoey insisted on a few stops along the way, even though she didn't seem all that interested in sniffing around after bringing the pack to a halt. Mamacita and Roger Roger followed along dutifully behind me.

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