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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The whole pack was on the same page as Sputnik this morning, interested in examining all the smells along the first stretch of trail beyond the trail head. Dylan one-upped his packmates by not only sniffing and marking, but wiggling on his back in the snow. The warm weather brought more hikers out today, and many of them commented on how sweet and well-behaved the pack was. A few of them asked to say hello to the dogs. Dylan was the first to greet them, with Sputnik and Roger Roger following up close behind. Mamacita inched closer while her packmates got loved on. She sniffed delicately at the people, and they gave her gentle pets in return.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Cooper, Ruffers, Poppy, and Rey all headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon, where the icy snow-pack was turning into more of a dense slush, in the day's warmth. They didn't do nearly as much sniffing around as their Adventure Pack counterparts did this morning. Cooper was the only exception, as he made fairly frequent stops to leave his mark. Rey was on the alert, intently watching every dog in the distance that caught her eye. Zoey and Poppy were slightly distracted by the interests of their packmates, but mostly stuck by my sides. Ruffers followed along dutifully behind me, never veering off course for the duration of our walk.

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